Cross Currents – the Making

The artists at Art Folio9 were in Kochi to mount the exhibition just in time for the opening reception.

making 02
Artist Manu Singh recalls the last minute preparations, “We had just 24 hours to put up our works—a rather nerve wrecking situation! The delivery of our works to Gallery OED in Kochi was a very difficult issue. Not to have any problems later, we had asked the movers & packers to get all the materials delivered at the site before our arrival at Kochi. The delivery took almost ten days. We needed another couple of days to plan & put up our works.”

making 01
The efforts did deliver the intended impact. “Mr Rameshwar Broota said the display was very nicely setup,” says artist Shruti Gupta Chandra. Broota, who is also participating in the Kochi show, is known for his meticulous vision about the mounting of fine art exhibitions. Clearly, his remark is a well earned accolade by the artists who did all the groundwork in Kochi to setup the show.