Art Folio9 is a collective of nine artists. They all have one common thread running through their lives and gathering them into a loosely woven mesh. They have worked in close contiguity at The Triveni Kala Sangam studios for considerable time. They have grown together over the years learning from each others experiences. Rameshwar Broota has been the head of the Art Department at Triveni for several decades and has been the guide and a source of inspiration for the artists who have been part of this institution.

Each of these artists has his or her distinct style of expression. Even so, the intimacy of shared physical space also defines some commonalities. One is the strong sense of structure displayed in the canvasses and glass sculpture. Secondly, most of the artists have a vibrant colour palette.

Art subconsciously reflects the changes in the artistic self as well as those that take place in the society. In this sense, these works of art are the reflections on the society where they live. Most of the artists articulate their individual concerns about the human life within the fast growing urban spaces- figuratively or in abstract terms. The artists deem the urban spaces as locations of human aspirations or desire. Simultaneously, they recognise that these urban locations are gradually, steadily and aggressively making incursions into the rural spaces converting their characteristic, changing the climatic balances and even re-inscribing their histories.

Together these artists have created fresh metaphors of modern times.

– Critiques by Ella Dutta and Johny ML